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Why cant we change the settings of shared service?
Question: Can you change your server settings to accommodate my needs

In the shared hosting service, there are numbers of a website that will be stored on the single server and are provided with the control panel to server their needs. The changes that are up to the server are accepted but when it comes to the server configuration it will not be possible. Because every change made on the server will affect all the clients hosted on the same server. 

When you wish you need more of the changes and privileges on the server you can simply upgrade your plan to VPS or higher so that you can perform any kind of operations on it. 

We can not change the shared hosting server setting to accommodate one client's needs. We generally accommodate around 300 ~ 500 customers in a shared hosting server, Changing the settings will affect all other customers.

Example: You want to send more than 100s Emails per hour.

We can not allow 100 emails per hour for each domain in a shared hosting server. Why Because Changing this limit will leads to sending lots of spam emails from all the domains hosted on the server.  Assume, We have 800 domains, and each sending 50 emails per hour, then it amounts to 4000 emails per hour. So this will leads to email going to the spam folder or this server will be blocked by ISP. This will affect all the 800 domains hosted on the same server.  So due reasons like this, We can not change the shared hosting server settings. 
If you want, please update to VPS hosting, Where you have a full limitation on sending Emails. (Even in VPS server, do not allow email spamming or Email marketing)

Example: Changing DB server settings. 
Changing the Database server settings for a single domain will affect all the domains hosted in the same server. If we change the DB settings, then it will affect all the websites hosted on the same server, Which might lead to server instability or problem.

Example: Apache and PHP setting
We can not modify the Apache and PHP setting for security reasons. 

There will be the control panel and Plesk panel provided for Linux and Windows respectively. you can perform various actions
related to your website and servers. These operations are limited when compared to the higher type of hosting services.
If you want to any specific solution which is not supported by shared hosting, We suggest you opt for VPS or cloud hosting solution.
We will migrate your account for FREE of cost.

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