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Add Signature in Webmail
You can create a Webmail signature by following these simple steps:

1. Login into your webmail Account.
2. Click on 'settings' (the cog icon at the top right).
3. Select 'Identities' from the menu on the left.
4. Select the relevant identity from the list.
5. Compose your custom signature in the available text box.
6. Select the 'Save' button.

If you would like to add an image to your signature, proceed with the below steps after step 5 from above:

1. First upload your image to your domain's web accessible directory.
2. Tick the tickbox 'HTML signature'.
3. Select the 'HTML' icon from the signature toolbar.
4. Update the HTML code provided below with the path (URL) to your online image and insert the HTML code into the available text box

<img src="http://path to image"/> 

5. Select the ‘Update’ button and then the 'Save' button.

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